Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Morning Ingredients – Ingredientes de Viernes por la Mañana

Three Fridays ago my lovely friend Elisa took me to her family property nearby, and toured me around the area surrounding Los Giles (near Mojacar). I took lot of photos as we came across so many of the ingredients that I use! 
Un viernes, hace 3 semanas,  mi amiga Elisa me llevo al cortijo de su familia y me enseñó la zona, el campo y los pueblos alrededor de Los Giles (cerca de Mojacar).  Descubrimos muchos de los ingredientes que uso en los productos así que saque un montón de fotos.

This area is abundant with wonderfully healing ingredients!!!!!  ¡¡¡¡¡¡En esta zona hay muchos ingredientes maravillosos y curativos!!!!!

Blossoming Almond Tree / Almendro en Flor
 See the Olive tree in front? ¿Ves el Olivo adelante?

Almonds / Almendras

Lemons / Limones

Oranges / Naranjas

Olives / Aceitunas

Friendly Goats / Cabras Simpáticas

Bees / Abejas

Eucalyptus / Eucaliptos
Lavender / Lavanda

Other random photos from the same day… / Otras fotos del mismo día…

How old are you wall? How much have you seen?  ¿Cuantos años tienes muralla….. Cuanto habrás visto?


  1. Such beautiful photos!! Makes me wish I was there!

  2. Thanks Amy... I really am in love with this part of the world. Glad you enjoyed the photos! xo Jen

  3. Greetings from Denmark!

    Thanks for sharing your photos - my mother lived in southern Spain for over 20 yers, so i'm also very much in love with that part of the world :-)

    - and your soaps ar just beautiful!

  4. Hi Henriette, So glad that you share my passion for this part of the world and soap making as well! Maybe we could combine our passions... next time you are visiting the area, we could make some soap together? Where do you usually come to? xo Jen

  5. Absolutely stunning photos, Jen! Beautiful stuff...I really love the look and feel of your new blog/site. You've been working hard, and it shows! :)