Thursday, September 22, 2011

Almazara de Lubrín

This week, I had a wonderful visit to the Almazara (Olive Oil Mill) in Lubrin, one of the local villages. This is where the Olive Oil is produced that will be used from now on in Naturalmente Mediterraneo products.  I was very impressed!  Esta semana, hice una visita maravillosa a la Almazara en Lubrin, uno de los pueblos de esta zona. Allí se produce el aceite de oliva que se usará desde ahora en adelante en los productos de Naturalmente Mediterráneo.  ¡Impresionante la Almazara!

I brought home three types of olive oil, which I will be experimenting with: Lleve tres diferentes tipos de Aceite y voy a experimentar con ellos:

· Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Picual variety of Olives)  Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen (Variedad Picual)

· Organic Extra Virgen Olive Oil (Olive varieties of Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina mixed)  Aceite de Oliva Ecologico Extra Virgen (Una mezcla de las variedades de Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina)

· Bottom of the line, bottom of the barrel Olive Oil. El aceite de baja calidad

I will be experimenting with the different types of oils to see/smell/feel the difference in the soaps.  I am already LOVING working with the Lubrin Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Something so rich and luxurious about it. . .  Voy a experimentar con las diferentes calidades de aceites para ver/ oler/ sentir la diferencia en los jabones. Ya me estoy encantando trabajar con el Aceite Extra Virgen de Lubrín.  Siente tan rico y lujoso. . .  
They also provided me with some olive pits bits which I will be using for exfoliation. . .  Look forward to experimenting!  También me dieron restos de huesos de aceituna que voy a usar para la exfoliación. ¡Tengo ganas de empezar con los experimentos!


  1. How neat you get to use local olive oil. I'm sure it will make a difference in your soaps. Wow, olive bits for exfoliating, that sounds really interesting. Looking forward to your experiments.


  2. Michelle, Thanks for your comment! Yes Olive season is coming up, starts in November, and I am hoping to visit the Almazar again then to see things in full swing. Will post about my experiments! xo Jen

  3. That is so cool you got to go to the olive mill. I can't wait to see the results of the test. Thanks for sharing. ;0)

  4. Hi Lori, Thanks for your comment. I actually really enjoyed the Olive Mill and have since been contacted by another one who wants me to run some experiments with their oils as well! Can't wait to see the results of the test and decide if using Organic or Extra Virgen Olive Oil really makes a difference in soap!! xo Jen