Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to Naturalmente Mediterráneo! ¡Bienvenidos a Naturalmente Mediterráneo!

(Para leer esto en Español, sigue hasta el final del Inglés y allí esta traducido.)

Thank you so much for checking in, visiting or following the Naturalmente Mediterráneo blog!  I will be writing here about Naturalmente Mediterráneo natural soap & skincare, the amazing area along the Mediterranean coast of Spain where the products are made, the natural ingredients used and keeping you updated on the progress of the business.

If you haven’t tried any Naturalmente Mediterráneo products yet, I hope you can soon.  It may be the beginning of a life-long love-affair with showering...

I am beginning by offering 4 different types of soap but will be adding new products regularly.  To see the products, please use the pages under the blog heading.

If you wish to order anything, please send me an email at and I will send you further details.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Showering!!!

¡ Muchas gracias por visitar o seguir el blog de Naturalmente Mediterráneo!  Aquí voy a escribir sobre los productos de Naturalmente Mediterráneo, jabón natural y otras delicias para la piel, la zona maravillosa de la costa Mediterránea de España donde se elaboran los productos, los ingredientes naturales que se usa y también el progreso de la empresa.

Si no has podido probar ninguna de los productos de Naturalmente Mediterránea todavía, espero que puedas pronto.  Puede que sea el comienzo de una larga aventura apasionada con tu adorable ducha...
Para ver los productos, puedes usar las pestañas al principio del blog. Estoy comenzando el blog y presento estas primeras 4 opciones de jabón.  Voy a añadir nuevas cosas periodicamente.

Si deseas pedir algo, envíame un correo electrónico por favor a y te enviaré mas detalles.

Gracias por tu visita y ¡Feliz ducha!  


  1. Jen, your new bog is stunning! I love the green, the leaves, and the PHOTOGRAPHS! I'm callin' you "Butter" from now on, 'cause you're on a ROLL! Congratulations, my friend!

  2. Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de sentir la magnifica sensación que produce lo auténticamente natural...
    Que estupendo ese jabón salado como el mar sobre mi piel cada mañana...!!! me encanta !!!

  3. Amazing pics!! Love your soap pics and new stamp :)

  4. Soap Sister, Thank you so much for the positive words and support!

    Lisa, Me alegro que te gusta tanto el jabón! El de Sal es uno de mis preferidos también.

    Ire, Thank you Thank you!


  5. Woo hoo! You are definitely stepping up the soap business! Love it!

  6. Congratulations your new blog "Naturalmente mediterráneo" is wonderfull!
    Kisses from Brazil.

    PS: My internet explorer cannot open "jenorasoaps.blogspot".


  7. LOVELY. Natural and fresh and I love the photos of the soaps. The best of luck to you. Your dedication in soaping to an inspiration :)

  8. Amy, Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive comments!

    Sonia, Kisses right back to you from Spain. Thank you. I am so glad you like the blog. I have had more people mention issues at jenorasoaps.blogspot, since I changed the background. Can you do a google search on it again (instead of accessing a saved link) and see if that works for you?

    Ambra - Thank you so much for your comments. My dedication is really a passion... doesn't feel like work. I adore what I do. I love you blog as well as you are so knowledgable about plants and natural remedies.


  9. One small free sample of wild lavender soap sent me into seventh heaven !! My bath hour is my time to re-charge each evening, and these wonderful products have turned it into an even more enjoyable experience. I look forward to working my way steadily through the full range
    Very best wishes for your future success - you deserve it. Anne, Arboleas x