Monday, October 24, 2011

Olive Oil Soap Experiment - Want to help? Quieres Ayudar?

How do we know which Olive Oil is best in soap?  Would you like to help me find out?
¿Como sabemos que Aceite de Oliva produce el mejor jabón? ¿Quieres ayudarme determinarlo? 

Once I decided that I wanted to have the best possible local ingredients in my products, I began searching for the best local Olive Oil.  As I posted about earlier, I discovered a great Olive Oil mill in a nearby town called Lubrin. 
Una vez que decidí que quería usar los mejores ingredientes locales posibles para mis productos, empece buscar el mejor Aceite de Oliva local. como ya os conté en una entrada anterior, encontré una Almazara fabulosa en un pueblo cercano que se llama Lubrín.

I did an experiment – I made 4 different batches of soap using the same recipe except each with a different type of Olive Oil. The recipe is simple & non-scented.  The four different types of Olive Oil that I used are:
- the cheapest Olive Oil from the local grocery store
- Almazara de Lubrín Olive Oil, bottom quality
- Almazara de Lubrín Extra-Virgen Olive Oil
- Almazara de Lubrín Organic Extra-Virgen Olive Oil
All 4 batches were made at the same temperatures.  Two batches were made one morning and the other two batches the next morning, at the same time of the day, same climactic conditions.  I tried to keep every other variable the same. 
Hice un experimento - 4 diferentes jabones con la misma receta pero cada uno con un tipo de Aceite de Oliva distinto. La receta es sencilla y sin aroma añadida. Los 4 diferentes tipos de Aceites de Oliva son:
- el Aceite de Oliva más barato del supermercado más cerca
- Aceite de Oliva de la Almazara de Lubrín, calidad más baja
- Aceite de Oliva Extra-Virgen de la Almazara de Lubrín
- Aceite de Oliva Extra-Virgen y Organico de la Almazara de Lubrín
Cada una de estos jabones se elaboró a las mismas temperaturas. Dos se hicieron una mañana y dos la mañana siguiente, en el mismo momento del día y con las mismas condiciones climaticas. Intenté mantener todos los variables iguales.

For anyone who is interested in participating in the experiment, I have enough samples left to send to 12 people.  I will send you a sample of each of the different soaps. I would like you to try them out and report back on the qualities of each one if you noticed any differences.
I will reveal which number soap has which oil once I get all the results back.
If you are interested in helping out in my experimenting, please email me at
Thank you!!!!!
Si quieres participar en el experimento, me quedan suficientes muestras para enviar a 12 personas.  Te enviaría una muestra de cada una de los 4 diferentes jabones.  Quiero que los pruebues y me informes sobre las calidades de cada una, si notas diferencias.
Luego, después de recibir todos los resultados, os contaré que número de jabón tenía que aceite.
si estás interesado en ayudarme con mi experimento, por favor enviame un email a:
¡¡¡¡¡ Gracias !!!!!


  1. Oh!This will be a great experiment.I can't wait to see the results.

  2. Oh so exciting! Is this open to the US soapers?

  3. So looking forward to these results. I'm lucky to have access to fresh cold pressed extra virgin at an affordable price so I kinda hope this one wins. :)

  4. Michele (Tierra Verde), Thank you. I am pretty excited about this one too.. xo Jen

  5. Sheih Design, Absolutely! If you wish to participate, please send me your address!! I don't know how quickly these will go. xoxo Jen

  6. Washpool Farm, beautiful website. Nice soaps! I think we are lucky to be able to get this oil at affordable prices. I look foward to see which one wins!! xo Jen

  7. I really like this experiment and I am happy to be a tester....

  8. Jen,

    I've already emailed you to say I'm interested. It should be fun.


  9. Two Blooms, Thank you for being one of my biggest fans!! xo Jen

  10. How interesting. Can't wait to see the results.

  11. How excitinggggg, i sent you an email and I hope Ill be a part of this :D

    good luck Jen

  12. Lori, Thank you for your comment. I really can't wait to see the results as well! I have been testing them myself but I know which soap has which oil so it isn't the same... Can't wait to see the blind results!! xo Jen

  13. Soaps & Bubbles, Great to have you back blogging! I am excited as well! xo Jen

  14. Even if I don't have much time to post things myself...I always follow my fellow bloggers:)

  15. Jennifer, estoy deseando ver el resultado de este experimento que me parece muy interesante.
    Cuando me enteré de lo que estabas haciendo ya habías repartido todos los jabones, ¡¡qué pena!!, me hubiera gustado mucho participar.
    Te sigo.
    Un beso

  16. Blanca, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Casi tengo todos los resultados de la prueba y son super interesantes. Espero poder publicarlos antes de Navidad. xo Jen